"We live only by knowing something about the future; while the problems of life, or of conduct at least, arise from the fact that we know so little."
Frank H. Knight

Anonymous: theres never any single qts on the market omg i h8 the emh

Parents: Why don’t you have a girlfriend yet?

My gay ass: t-the no arbitrage principle

You know, Oskar, if those books are unearthed sometime a hundred years hence, people will not believe they were written in our time. Rather they will think that they are contemporary with Newton, so primitive is their mathematics. Economics is simply still a million miles away from the state in which an advanced science is, such as physics. Samuelson has murky ideas about stability. He is no mathematician and one should not ascribe the analysis to him. And even in 30 years he won’t absorb game theory.

– John von Neumann in a letter written to Oskar Morgenstern (October 1947), quoted in The World as a Mathematical Game: John von Neumann and Twentieth Century Science, p. 132

Seems like practically no modern conflict can escape being interpreted in the standard oppressor/oppressed dichotomy, and deciding which side is which is for most people equivalent to deciding which side they support.

Sweden and School Choice